Intrapreneurship in Another Perspective

The 21 week study abroad program  ‘Intrapreneurship in another perspective’ in Bali starts every academic year in September and February. During this English semester program you will be introduced to the basic principles of intrapreneurship in another perspective. You will learn to apply your skills and creatively to contribute to a sustainable and peaceful global society. Maximal 20 students every semester will have the time of their life in Bali. What are your plans?

The intrapraneur

An intrapreneur is able to deliver an essential contribution to a sustainable, peaceful and international society through innovative thinking and responsible entrepreneurship. Towards a particular society based upon humanitarian equality, respect and helpfulness. Are you a potential intrapreneur?

The program

This intensive English program  ‘Intrapreneurship in another perspective’ offers you an insight in the basic principles of intrapreneurship. The educational concepts are according to the principles of ‘service learning ’ and ‘action learning’. The theoretical knowledge gained during this minor is immediately put into practice, by doing applied research and fieldwork in small scaled communities in Tabanan. An intensive course of Bahasa Indonesian will be a structural part of the program. During the whole program you will work on your individual project, directly linked to your study/discipline.

The program will be executed by well-qualified lecturers of the Bali Dhyana Pura University and some guest lecturers next to professionals as well. Together with international fellow students you will learn and experience to apply intrapreneurship in another perspective as a tool and an attitude to improve the economic and social-cultural situation in Bali, as part of the Third World.

For whom?

Enrolment of the study abroad program ‘Intrapreneurship in another perspective’ is open for every student in Europe in their fifth, sixth or seventh semester. The quality of the program will be controlled by an international steering group, with representatives from Heilbronn University and professionals with a long experience in higher education. Students can earn 30 ECTS-credits, when they successfully finish this study abroad program. Depending on your specific course background you will be dealing with different aspects of the Balinese society and environment, related to the subject of your individual project.

Due to the availability of total 40 study places over 2 semesters, a selection of participants will be held during Spring and Autumn of every year.

Students will be selected by:

  • Having passed successfully 4 semesters of their Bachelor’s program;
  • Their motivation to apply for this program.
  • Having enough skills to live on a small campus and act in a group of international students during 21 weeks.

The representation of different skills of expertise within the group to be selected will also be taken into account for selection.

Information and application

Is 21 weeks in Bali something for you? Please contact us by mailing to You will receive more detailed information about this program.